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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunny Haven Recreation Park

Last weekend was our first group trip to Sunny Haven for 2012. It was also Steph and I's first chance to get our camper situated. We are proud to be the newest members at SHRP and we look forward to an exciting year this year and many years to come. The SHRP family is certainly a unique one. They vary in ages and all are so friendly and helpful to us. We can't wait to get to know you all.

Friday's weather was bad to say the least. It was cold, rainy, and windy. Yet we had only one cancellation. Thank you to all the Indiana Naturists members that braved the cold and came out. Luckily you were all treated to some great weather on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was supposed to be almost as bad as Friday but turned out to be terrific. Sunday's weather was near perfection.

Our IN pot luck on Saturday night turned out to be a lot of fun too. We had Burgers, Brats, Beef Cabobs, Potato Soup, all kinds of sides and snacks. It all ended with a circle around the camp fire and great conversation that went til almost 2am.

We ended up with 32 members total that came out to enjoy the weekend. It was great seeing everyone again. It was also nice to see some of our friends at Sunny Haven too. We were glad to see Herb made it back safely from France. It was great catching up with him and Terri at various times throughout the weekend. It's always nice to catch up with Roger and Mary. We hung out at the wine and cheese party and also got to enjoy some hot tub time with them on Sunday. It's always nice when a fellow club President takes time to offer advice and guidance to us.

I have to thank everyone at SHRP and Indiana Naturists for there help getting our campsite set up the season. Mark for donating his old deck to us. Rod donated a gas grill. Mike & Kim for helping out us camper newbies and showing us the way. Jim for moving the camper in to place and showing us how to level it. Also thanks to Scott, Mike B, Mark, Doc, Mike and Kim for helping us move the deck into place and for helping us with minor repairs.

We look forward to our next group trip to Sunny Haven on July 6-8. It is also our volleyball tournament fundraiser on Saturday so we hope to see you all out there playing for a great cause. All money raised will go towards improvements to the SHRP playground.

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