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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is this the year you start a membership at a nudist resort?

I think there comes a time in every nudists life where you consider applying for an AANR landed club membership. A few weekends a year of naked time just isn't enough anymore. I know I've dreamed for years. Last year that dream came true when Stephanie and I got a membership at Sunny Haven. We both think it's amazing. We look forward to spending many years as members there.
What is stopping you? Is it money? Make a call!
Most clubs have early bird specials on membership rates and some even have monthly payment plans. Our primary sponsor, Sunny Haven, offers $100/year credit towards membership just for being an active member of Indiana Naturists. If you don't call you won't know how affordable it really is. It will likely cost less than your last vacation (except this vacation keeps giving all summer long.)
Consider distance, but also culture...
Most of us have to drive a bit to get to our favorite nudist resort. Consider visiting as many clubs as possible before committing to a membership. Look in all directions. You may have several about the same distance away. Get to know the members during your visits. Try to take some coffee/water breaks in the clubhouse a few times a day. Start conversations with them. You must consider the culture of the membership before making the decision to apply.
Indiana Naturists recommend Sunny Haven Recreation Park and Lake O' The Woods Club. These clubs share the same values towards wholesome nude recreation and help support Indiana Naturists. Wherever you decide, make sure you only support AANR affiliated clubs.

Chris, President, Indiana Naturists

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunny Haven Recreation Park

Last weekend was our first group trip to Sunny Haven for 2012. It was also Steph and I's first chance to get our camper situated. We are proud to be the newest members at SHRP and we look forward to an exciting year this year and many years to come. The SHRP family is certainly a unique one. They vary in ages and all are so friendly and helpful to us. We can't wait to get to know you all.

Friday's weather was bad to say the least. It was cold, rainy, and windy. Yet we had only one cancellation. Thank you to all the Indiana Naturists members that braved the cold and came out. Luckily you were all treated to some great weather on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was supposed to be almost as bad as Friday but turned out to be terrific. Sunday's weather was near perfection.

Our IN pot luck on Saturday night turned out to be a lot of fun too. We had Burgers, Brats, Beef Cabobs, Potato Soup, all kinds of sides and snacks. It all ended with a circle around the camp fire and great conversation that went til almost 2am.

We ended up with 32 members total that came out to enjoy the weekend. It was great seeing everyone again. It was also nice to see some of our friends at Sunny Haven too. We were glad to see Herb made it back safely from France. It was great catching up with him and Terri at various times throughout the weekend. It's always nice to catch up with Roger and Mary. We hung out at the wine and cheese party and also got to enjoy some hot tub time with them on Sunday. It's always nice when a fellow club President takes time to offer advice and guidance to us.

I have to thank everyone at SHRP and Indiana Naturists for there help getting our campsite set up the season. Mark for donating his old deck to us. Rod donated a gas grill. Mike & Kim for helping out us camper newbies and showing us the way. Jim for moving the camper in to place and showing us how to level it. Also thanks to Scott, Mike B, Mark, Doc, Mike and Kim for helping us move the deck into place and for helping us with minor repairs.

We look forward to our next group trip to Sunny Haven on July 6-8. It is also our volleyball tournament fundraiser on Saturday so we hope to see you all out there playing for a great cause. All money raised will go towards improvements to the SHRP playground.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Funny Email

This is an email exchange between a guy we'll call T and myself (Chris). He contacted Indiana Naturists via the contact us form located on the website.


T: "I'm living in southern Illinois and wish to know whether there are any of your members living in this area that seems to be hostile to the naturist lifestyle. If so, I'd like to be considered for membership."

Chris: "Thanks for your interest. We do have members from Illinois but you didn't tell me where you were so I'm not sure how far away they are from you. I'm also confused by your use of "hostile". Can you please explain?
If you would like to apply for membership, click here.
Thanks again."

T: " "Hostile" is a non-friendly attitude to naturism, especially Carbondale.

Chris:  "Well none of our members are hostile towards naturism. If they were, they wouldn't be members. lol

I should go back and find some more of the classic idiot emailers that have contacted me over the years.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clothes Compulsiveness

A naturist is not a body lacking something (clothing). Rather, a clothed person is a whole and complete naked body, plus clothes.

Many psychologists say that clothing is an extension of ourselves. The clothes we wear are an expression of who we are. The Naturist's comfort with casual nudity, therefore, represents an attitude which is comfortable with yourself as it is in its most basic state, without modification or deceit.

Clothes-Compulsiveness creates insecurity about one's body. It locks us into a constant battle between individuality and conformity of dress. Nudity frees us from this anxiety by fostering a climate of comfortable individuality without pretense.

Studies show that nudism promotes a positive body self-concept. These effects are especially significant for women. For proof you have to look no further than studies by Daniel DeGoede in 1984. DeGoede studied 4 different groups (nudist males, non-nudist males, nudist females, and non-nudist females). The nudist Females scored highest on body concept and non-nudist females scored the lowest.

The North American Guide to Nude Recreation notes that "one reason why a nude lifestyle is so refreshing is that it delivers us temporarily from the game of clothes. It's hard to imagine how much clothing contributes to the grip of daily tensions until we see what it's like to socialize without them. Clothing locks us into a collective unreality that prescribes complex responses to social status, roles and expected behaviors. In shedding our daily "uniforms" we also shed a weighty burden of anxieties. For a while, at least, we don't have to play the endless charade of projected images we call "daily life". For once in your life you are part of a situation where age, occupation, and social status don't really count for much. You'll find yourself relating more on the basis of who you really are instead of who your clothes say you are". This analysis is borne out by experience.

Clothing hides the natural diversity of human body shapes and sizes. When people are never exposed to nudity, they grow up with misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations about the body based on biased or misinformed sources - for instance, from advertising or mass media. Don't believe me? Why is breast augmentation by far the leading form of cosmetic surgery in the US? Clothing hides and therefore creates mystery and ignorance about natural body processes, such as pregnancy, adolescence, and aging. This mystery about other's bodies makes one assume that their own bodies are not normal or imperfect. Quickly in a nudist environment you will see that your body is much like everyone else’s. Understanding and acceptance of yourself and others soon follows. This increases one's self image and self esteem almost instantly.

So you’re reading this and realizing maybe naturism is something you want to try. Here’s some advice. Become a home nudist for a while. You can start by just walking around your house in the buff alone. At first it may feel almost voyeuristic but that’s ok. It’s a natural feeling because you are not used to it. After a short period of time you will notice that it’s actually quite comfortable and relaxing.

As your confidence grows maybe ask your spouse or a good friend to hang out naked with you. You could enjoy a bottle of wine and conversation or just watch a movie. Make sure to make the activity something you both would enjoy but refrain from making it sexual. Many naturists are home naturists only and that’s fine too but remember being comfortable with yourself around others is the ultimate in nude recreation. It’s at least worth trying. Just don’t rush in to it.

Naturists aren’t always nude. We are just nude when appropriate and comfortable. If you decide to try it, you don’t have to throw away your clothes but as time goes on you will likely find yourself wearing clothing less and less. Besides clothing and laundry soap are expensive, it makes for a fun way to save money.

Author: Chris, President Indiana Naturists

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Story - By Jamie J.

For as long as I can remember I would wonder what it would be like to live in a world without clothes, but unfortunately throughout my childhood I never got the chance to experience it. While I was growing up 'shame' was the rule around our household, and that 'normal' people have no interest whatsoever in the naked human body (though deep down I never fully understood why).

I never even heard of organized nudism/naturism until I was introduced to the Internet in the mid-90's after I was all grown up. I had heard of the 'nudist colony' (Sunny Haven) near town, but knew very, very little about it until then. After some research I learned about the AANR and TNS and what they represent, but I was still wasn't quite convinced to join yet.

It was then I learned about Mazo Beach in Wisconsin, and because of the fact it was the closest free nudist beach to where I lived, I decided to give it a shot. So one Saturday morning I took the 4+ hour drive to the beach, not exactly knowing what to expect when I got there. As soon as I found a spot to settle in on the beach I slowly started to strip down, all the time I wondered if I would be an 'embarrassed male' by the state of my undress, but I quickly discovered I had nothing to worry about, and it would not happen.

I spent the next few hours getting some sun on my VERY WHITE skin, and occasionally taking a dip in the river, the whole time feeling strangely liberated and free without wearing a swimsuit. The only downside to the experience was I happened to develop a slight heat rash in my groin area that had never seen or felt the sun before that point. As soon as I got home that night I immediately brought up the info for AANR and sent in my subscription for one year.

Once my membership was approved I planned a particular Saturday to check out Sunny Haven, when it turned out to be the same weekend the AANR was holding its Midwest Convention there. The place was completely packed with a lot going on, it was hard for me to decide what to do, but before long I began to feel very self-conscious about myself as a single male. The whole time I was there I felt like I was under scrutiny by everyone else, wondering why I was there and what my intentions were. Because of that I pretty much kept to myself during my visit, too afraid to speak to anyone, and especially felt very uncomfortable around kids. I think it was because of this self-consciousness I had not been back to Sunny Haven since, and I let my AANR membership lapse without renewing it.

Since then I just limited my nudism to home whenever I got the chance, until almost 3 years ago when I met my now-girlfriend/ fiancé Linda. I explained to her my feelings about nudism and the human body, and although she doesn't quite share my ideas about it, she fully understands why it's important to me, and supports my participation in nudism, and since our moving in together she allows me to go nude at home anytime I want, once in a while even joining me (if only briefly).

Over the past couple months I discovered the websites True Nudists and more importantly Nudist Clubhouse, and my interests in social nudism began to increase. Since then I have been spending most of my evenings chatting on NCH (and once in a great while TN) and made quite a few cyber-acquaintances to hang out with. 

It was then I decided to join Indiana Naturists and am looking forward to attending many gatherings with its members. Linda is still not comfortable with the idea of social nudism herself, but she fully supports me in enjoying myself and making new friends. Since I know she's behind me I feel more confident and relaxed with social nudism than I was when I was single and alone, though I must admit I feel that part of my upbringing still haunts me to where I still don't feel comfortable practicing nudism/naturism around kids; I know there's no logic to this, I just feel more comfortable around adults until I can hopefully get over this hurdle.

Author – Jamie, IndianaNaturists member

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To Tan or Not To Tan - That Is The Question

The overwhelming consensus of the field of dermatology is that any sun tanning is not good and should be avoided like the plague. However, there have been a few papers from the scientific community suggesting that cancer risks are relatively small and there are numerous benefits to be gained with prudent exposure to sunlight.

The Skin Cancer Foundation states that most people receive about 80 percent of their lifetime sun exposure before the age of 18. Just one blistering sunburn in childhood is estimated to double the risk of melanoma later in life. Although melanoma is the rarest of all the skin cancers it is no doubt the most threatening.

The sun has so many healthy benefits it can easily out weigh the risks if caution is used. The key is to be prudent, informed, and safe about your time in the sun. Let's go over just a few of the many benefits to sun exposure then we can discuss some sun safety tips.

Benefits to the sun

1. Exposure to sunlight produces the same benefits as exercise: increases in strength, energy, endurance, tolerance to stress, and the ability of the blood to absorb and carry oxygen; and decreasing the resting heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, blood sugar and lactic acid.

2. Sunlight provides your body with Vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important because it helps with the absorption of calcium and other vital minerals from your diet. Researchers found that Vitamin D in milk and vitamin supplements is not a sufficient replacement to the Vitamin D that is produced by sun exposure. Vitamin D can help your body fight against breast cancer and colon cancer.

3. Sunlight has been scientifically proven to reduce serum cholesterol levels. In a study by the ASSA 97% of subjects had a 13% decrease in cholesterol levels within 2 hours after first exposure.

4. Sunlight is necessary to the production of Solitrol (an important hormone found within the skin).

5. The Natural Psoriasis Foundation reports that 80% of the people suffering from Psoriasis improve when exposed to sunlight.

6. Sunlight reduces the effects of PMS, such as mild depression and mood swings, irritability, physical discomfort, and social withdrawal.

Tips to tanning safely:

1. Use sun block with a low SPF. This will help prevent sun damage but still allow you to get a nice tan. Apply atleast 30 minutes before exposure and every 2 hours after that.

2. Don't forget about your lips. Yes, you can sunburn your lips. Using a lip balm or chap stick with an SPF rating will really help protect you. Since your lips don't tan, apply often.

3. Try to avoid sun exposure between noon & 3pm when the sunlight is at its most direct. Move to a shady area or use higher SPF sunscreen during these times.

4. Start with a short time in the sun and work up to longer periods of sun once your body becomes more tanned. This helps your body become used to the exposure and lessens your chances of sunburns.

5. People with fair skin, freckles, or moles and people under the age of 16 should use higher SPF and limit their time in the sun. Fair skin usually means more chance of sunburns. Consider wearing wide brimmed hats to reduce exposure to the face.

6. If you use tanning beds to help your tan, try to limit yourself to under 10 hours per year.

7. Always keep aloe or cocoa butter handy and treat any sunburns as quickly as you can to reduce the negative effects.

8. Try to reduce your intake of alcohol and caffeine when sunbathing as they cause frequent urination and thus can cause dehydration.

9. See your dermotoligist as often as recommended by your doctor.

Now that you are better equipped with information, lets go out and work on our full body tans.

Posted by Chris, Indiana Naturists

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Women's Nudist Advisory Board

Womens Advisory Board female nudist
In an effort to help women learn about and experience social nude recreation, Indiana Naturists has developed the Women's Advisory Board (WAB). The WAB consists of new and experienced women nudists who can offer a familiar perspective to questions and concerns that you may have when considering naturism. The WAB is also available to offer advice to men with reluctant female partners.

The WAB also holds women's only, clothing optional events that are available to any woman wanting to experience nude recreation without men around or pressure to disrobe. You do not have to be an IN member to participate.

Usually it doesn't take long into your first experience to find out that naturism isn't so much about nudity as it is about self acceptance, freedom, and fun. We do understand the apprehension associated with your first experience. The WAB can relate to those feelings and guide you along the way no matter where it takes you. Once you try it, we are confident you will be hooked but if not, there is no pressure to come back.

Everyone should try it at least once.
There's just nothing like feeling the sun and the air touching your entire body. It's so freeing.