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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Is this the year you start a membership at a nudist resort?

I think there comes a time in every nudists life where you consider applying for an AANR landed club membership. A few weekends a year of naked time just isn't enough anymore. I know I've dreamed for years. Last year that dream came true when Stephanie and I got a membership at Sunny Haven. We both think it's amazing. We look forward to spending many years as members there.
What is stopping you? Is it money? Make a call!
Most clubs have early bird specials on membership rates and some even have monthly payment plans. Our primary sponsor, Sunny Haven, offers $100/year credit towards membership just for being an active member of Indiana Naturists. If you don't call you won't know how affordable it really is. It will likely cost less than your last vacation (except this vacation keeps giving all summer long.)
Consider distance, but also culture...
Most of us have to drive a bit to get to our favorite nudist resort. Consider visiting as many clubs as possible before committing to a membership. Look in all directions. You may have several about the same distance away. Get to know the members during your visits. Try to take some coffee/water breaks in the clubhouse a few times a day. Start conversations with them. You must consider the culture of the membership before making the decision to apply.
Indiana Naturists recommend Sunny Haven Recreation Park and Lake O' The Woods Club. These clubs share the same values towards wholesome nude recreation and help support Indiana Naturists. Wherever you decide, make sure you only support AANR affiliated clubs.

Chris, President, Indiana Naturists

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